October 9. 2021
Among the approximately 4,000 bicyclists in today's Seagull Century event were members of The Rotary Club of Salisbury.  Thanks to their riding and money-raising prowess, nearly $12,000 were raised for the Christian Shelter, a temporary emergency shelter providing safe shelter, nutritious meals, and practical and spiritual direction. Thanks team for being People of Action and your efforts to benefit our community. 
Right to left are past club president David Downes, Dr. Liz Burke, past club president Dan Williams, Maureen Williams, and club member Gus Lebois.
And by the way, the shelter’s four-decade history is presented in a new book named, “Christian Shelter: Serving People in Crisis for 40 Years.” This colorful history book highlights the shelter’s founders, renovation projects, donors, challenges, and the triumphs rooted in God’s generosity.  Order your copy of this fundraiser book by clicking Christian Shelter 40th Anniversary Book Order Form.