January 26, 2023
It was a father and son meeting at The Rotary Club of Salisbury tonight.  President Ford Waggoner introduced his son Kyle as our speaker with the topic being cyper security threats to America's businesses.  As a local expert on this subject through his work with Perdue Farms, Kyle explained the threats from Ransomware and perhaps how to avoid or minimize the damage.  
The club also inducted two members, Gina Grier and Dick Hawes (front on the left) who were sponsored by Ginnie and Bob Malone. 
Next week we'll test our members knowledge as we have a trivia night evening of fun.
Want to join Gina and Dick and our other People of Action?  Contact Ginnie Malone at 410-251-6188 or gmalone@cbmove.com.  We meet weekly on Thursday evenings for dinner at our Rotary Scout and Community Center along Riverside Drive near Salisbury.  You might enjoy the fellowship, community service projects, and the interesting speakers at many of our meetings.  And unlike Rotary of days gone by, there no longer is an attendance requirement.  Members can attend and participate in club events as they choose.