Welcome to our prospective member Julie Hicks!  Enjoy Julie's bio (in her own words):
Born and raised in one of the south suburbs of Chicago where I went to Lewis University, earning a nursing degree.  Loving the city life, I moved into an apartment in Chicago where I worked a short time before joining the Air Force. I then was stationed in San Antonio, Texas, as a neonatal nurse at Wilford Hall Medical Center.  I married a military doctor and moved to Sacramento, CA for a few years before we were stationed in South Korea on a remote tour for one year.  I worked and traveled the countryside as a Quality Assurance Coordinator while enjoying the affable South Korean people. After a short stint in Germany, divorced, I moved back to Chicago where I met my new spouse, Dave, through our church.  A commonality was our love for the outdoors, whether it was skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer. Our first vacation was to the Sierra Nevada Mtns and Yosemite tent camps .    We married two years later and I became a step mother to Tom and Stephanie,  who now have 3 children between them and Dave became an uncle to my 4 nieces.  

Eventually we moved to Chicago, where my interests included being a Triathlete, volunteering for homeless and the physically/visually disabled, and joining the Bell Choir at a downtown mega church. Dave and I became active in the Lake Shore Ski Club, where Nordic skiing became a new favorite winter sport.  We’ve hiked all over North America and done a few treks in Europe.  

Last few years I have pursued learning the fiddle/violin. My lofty summer goal is joining jam sessions at PROSIT with fellow musicians.  

Due to COVID, we vacationed in Colorado for 4 months in 2020 and extended in November for another 6 months.  At this point, we decided we really enjoyed the lifestyle and warmth of this mountain community. Currently we are transitioning to Summit County while attempting to sell our condo in Chicago.  Dave and I have always vacationed around outdoor activities and now are excited about joining a community of like-minded individuals where recreating regularly in the Colorado mountains is a lifestyle rather than an annual weekly vacation. With 4 nieces and 3 step-grand children, I look forward to exposing them to the wonderful benefits of Colorado’s outdoors.