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Posted by Brian Blankenmeister on Oct 01, 2017
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Ain't that the truth!


Welcome to the Club!

  Awesome Sweater!!!

Nice work Doug, but that looks like a red card.  Does that mean the pot is still alive?!?!

Past Presidents of the Club!!!
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Satellite Meeting   


Satellite members and guest gathered Sept 11 to enjoy an evening social event attending the North Face athletes' presentation at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge at 7 pm to hear and see the amazing solo climber Alex Honnold, as well as Emily Harrington, Clare Gallagher, and Cedar Wright. Many thanks to Jason Brewer for coordinating our satellite meetings and service work during the month of September. 


Mike Connolly is coordinating Satellite meetings and events for October, and he has announced that the first meeting will be next Monday evening, Oct 2nd, at the meeting room in the Baymont Hotel in Frisco, starting at 7pm.  We will have three outside speakers including one from the Denver area presenting their perspectives on an interesting topic, Protecting Our Environment. Members are encouraged to bring along friends who may be interested in the topic and/or in joining Summit Rotary.  More to follow from Mike on other October events. 

Please note also that there is also a special evening event on Tuesday, October 10 starting at 6:00 pm at the CMC facility in Breckenridge,  together with members of the Breckenridge Mountain Rotary Club and our Summit Rotary breakfast meeting members, featuring Mark McKinnon on "The Circus" - he spoke to the breakfast meeting last December and was a big hit, so no doubt this will be well worth attending.


Larry Stone is coordinating Satellite meetings and events for November.  We'll meet in his offices (Stone CPA, Unit F, 699 Summit Blvd in Frisco) at 7 pm on Monday, November 13.   Our social gathering for the month will begin at 7 pm on November 20 at Greco's Pasteria, 311 Main St in Frisco, including the Monday night football game Falcons vs Seahawks.  Members are encouraged to assist with the club's annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 23 by contacting Wendy Myers "".     


    All Rotarians are welcome to these gatherings, and we hope that you'll invite your friends and colleagues to check us out as well!  No advance notice needed.  If you have questions or would like to present your passion as a program at one of our meetings, please contact Jim Brook at 970-409-8995 or at or any of our Satellite members.

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Posted by Meg Boyer on Sep 26, 2017
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Laura Lewark
Laura Lewark attended Silverthorne Elementary, Summit Middle School and graduated from Summit High School. While in high school, Laura participated in an exchange program and spent time in the Loire Valley south of Paris. She began her college career with a double major in International Business and French at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley as well as Red Rocks Community College. During that time, she also began dating her husband. They married in 1989 and made their home in Frisco, and Laura finished with a degree in business. Her husband’s family has owned and operated Ski Country Shell and Towing (formerly Ron’s Texaco) for the past 46 years. After the birth of her daughter, Laura chose to enter the business as well. She and her husband have two children — Alyssa, 22, attends the University of Wyoming and Casey, 19, attends CMC in Breckenridge. While raising their children, Laura was involved in their activities varying from school, scouting (boys and girls), hockey, 4H and swim team.  As they are now grown, Laura has the time and the desire to give back to her community, and she looks forward to being a Rotarian!
If anyone has questions or concerns regarding these applicants, please contact Meg Boyer, Membership Chair, at, or anyone else on the Membership Committee.     
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Car Raffle   The grand prize drawing at 5 pm on Saturday, September 9 at Oktoberfest was a fitting climax for our 3 month fundraising event. Many thanks to all the Rotarians who sold and gifted tickets, from those who took care of their assigned packet, to those who sold for many of our weekend shifts at locations around the County, to those who supported the event in other ways including our Sponsors, selling locations, and of course our thousands of buyers. Our team of last day sales people succeeded in selling out the last of our 8,000 tickets just minutes before the drawing. The winner of our new Ford Escape is a very happy Kristin Wittenberg of Eagle, CO, whose father is a long time Rotarian in our Club. Our car raffle committee will provide financial results and other details on the event soon, and will welcome your thoughts and suggestions for the future.  
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Membership Committee News

We want to thank all of those sponsors who are identifying community leaders/business professionals and bringing them to our meetings.  Remember, a Prospective Member should attend 3 meetings before turning in his/her application, sponsor form, a short bio and $100 application fee to the Membership Director, Meg Boyer or any one on the Membership Committee.  The application will be presented to the Membership Committee for approval and then the Board of Directors.  Once approved, the applicant's bio will be posted in our bulletin for 3 weeks.  If there are no questions about the Prospective Member the induction will be scheduled.  

The primary sponsor will mentor the new member through the Red Badge process.  We encourage all members to interact with Prospective/New Members as much as possible.  One of the Red Badge requirements is to be a Greeter 3 times.  Because our club is growing and we are experiencing so many guests, greeters are very important.  You don't have to be a new member to be a greeter.  It is just one more way of participating in Club Service.

Membership Committee Members are: Meg Boyer, Julianne Gilchrist, Tom Marmins, Sandy Mortensen, Ann Clement, Susan Juergensmeier, Rolando Cuadrado, Dan Gibbs, Mike Connolly and Peggy Beeler.



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Easy way to pay your dues
Earlier this fiscal year, the Summit County of Rotary Club setup the ability to accept credit card payments for payment of Rotary dues and option quarterly charitable donations.  We are now offering the ability to set up automated quarterly credit card payments.  The charges will be processed near the 10th of the month in January, April, July and October.   If you would like to enroll in this program.  Please complete an Authorization Agreement for Automated Credit Card payments.  The form is available at the Sergeant at Arms table at the Tuesday morning meetings or you can contact Mike Kurth at mike@summitbookkeeping.comto get the form.
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