Bill: Hey Scott, you’re smiling, what’s that all about ?

Scott: Well, the Ice Melt contest is over and I understand it was successful.


B: Yes, it’s over and it was successful. * Ice Melt Committee recognized here.(Diane Monaghan, Scott Price, Stu Dearnley, Lee Edwards, Steve Cornwell, Catheryn Carlson, Kevin Boylan, Susan Juergensmeier, Lori Burke, Ann Clement, Dave Mathews, Bee Jeanson


S: Did everyone do their share as the Club had asked ?


B: Absolutely, every member did their share and 20 members did more than their share, including Jerry Devine, Bob Lau, Emily Messegee, Larry Stone, Woody Woodland, Rich James, Butch Elich, Mike Spry, who did much more than their share.


S: What do you mean every member did their share ?

B: The Club asked every member to sell or purchase at least one packet, and every member did that. * ( ask every member to stand and shake hands with member on their left and right and realize that every member did their share and sold or purchased a packet of tickets---that we had !00% participation. What a fantastic accomplishment !


S: That’s great, so what was the financial result ?

B: The gross income was $22K, the expenses were $8K ( including the cash prizes to the winners, for a net revenue of $14K


S: That’s fantastic: $14K , that’s about double what the Ice Melt contest has produced in the past.

B: Yes, but, the money is only part of it. The other part is how the money used--- for the 31 plus projects that we ( our Rotary Club) ( Your Rotary Club) support, that benefit our community.


Projects  in Health, Hunger and Education, like Reading Buddies, RYLA, Community Dinner, Community Care Clinic, Coats for Kids, CASA, to name just a few.


The Rotary motto is “ Service Above Self”. Joni Ellis, when she was Club president created a Club motto, “ We Make Good Things Happen For Our Community”.


Each one of you should feel good, should feel  proud that you are a Rotarian, ---that you are a member of this Summit County World Class Club,---and by the simple act of selling Ice Melt tickets,  YOU, each one of YOU  make good things happen for our community.