Rotary Golf is a Club Service project that can be a benefit to your club in many ways. The situation is that there are many Rotarians and other people in the community who like to play golf but just don’t have the time or organizational skills to create weekly golf outings for your club.
                Summit County Rotary Club has some ideas for you!
A Rotarian who is passionate about golf (The Golf leader) approaches a golf course in the area with the prospect of filling 3-6 foursome t-times on one day each week for the golf season. People can play golf every week or when they can. What we need from the Golf Course is a commitment to provide those tee times each week. Your leader then starts to assemble a master e-mail list of those interested. This is accomplished by making announcements at meetings and may include several Rotary clubs in the area. Assuming the golf day is Wednesday, the leader sends out an e-mail on Friday asking who is playing next Wednesday and the number of holes (9-18) and will they be walking or riding with the requirement to get back to him by Sunday evening. On Monday morning the leader then schedules those who signed up, filling in the foursomes as random or honoring requests for playing partners as required. Inviting your neighbors or friends to play is encouraged since you need to fill the t-times if possible and those folks may decide they like the Rotarians enough to check out a meeting, which should always be encouraged.
Each player pays for his/her own green fees or passes as required. A social time afterward can occur but with the players staggered it is usually an informal gathering.
That’s it. In our club, four golfers started the whole thing about 1995 and we have been doing it ever since. The leader has changed hands many times but usually a year commitment is required to keep the continuity.
This year the Summit Rotary Club golf leader is TOM FRENCH. If you have questions about how we do our golf group, please call Tom at 303-808-6717 or e-mail at