The International Grants Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, April 9 at 8:45am at the Senior Center to review all submitted grant proposals. Anyone wishing to submit a proposal should submit the request to Andy Aerenson at on or before April 2. The Committee is not strict regarding the form of a submission, but attached is a sample format that is preferred.


International Committee
Rotary of Summit County
We appreciate your desire to involve the Rotary Club of Summit County in your program. The role of the International Committee is to ensure our club’s monetary contributions make a difference in our community and the world. If you would like your program to be considered for a cash donation from the Rotary of Summit County please provide the following information and submit it to the current International Committee Chairperson. Formatting and contact information are included below.
Document Content Sections: Your document should include the following sections and provide the information requested below.
1. Program History
a. Provide the name of the program or organization requesting the donation.
b. Give a brief history of when and how the organization/program was formed and who currently leads it.
c. Explain the key goals or mission of the organization/program.
2. Project Description
a. Describe the project you are currently requesting funds to support.
b. Include information about the need being addressed and who will benefit from the program the funds will support.
c. Explain whether this is a one-time event or a sustained program which will continue into the future.
3. Fund Request
a. Specify the amount the program is requesting from the Rotary Club of Summit County.
b. Identify any specific items or services that will be acquired with these funds.
4. Rotary involvement
a. Explain the ways Rotarians might be able to contribute their time to this project.
b. Describe how Rotary will be noted as a donor or sponsor of this project.
5. Contact Information
a. Provide email, phone and other pertinent contact information such as web site.
b. If funds are awarded, provide the payee for the funds and the address to which the check should be mailed.

Submit your Microsoft Word or PDF file to the International Committee Chairperson. Your request will be discussed at the next World Service Committee meeting. We will contact you once cash distributions have been finalized. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to the attention of our Rotary Club.