Vocational Service

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Vocational Service Chairman, Elizabeth Wickert, oversees:

Professional Excellence..........led by Elizabeth Wickert

 Up to 5 awards to employees who demonstrate excellence in their vocation or profession, including ethical conduct.

4-Way Test ............. led by Sister Rita Cammack and Dr Don Parsons

Provide the 4-Way Test program at Summit Middle School.


Leadership Summit ......... led by Wendy Myers

Our Rotary Club participates financially in this Summit County program which is sponsored by The Summit Foundation and Colorado Mountain College. The program lasts for 9 months, sessions being conducted each month, addressing critical aspects of  "the critical aspects of the community including the environment, economy, government, law enforcement, health and human services, the arts and non profits, and education."(CMC E-News) Leadership styles, local leadership opportunities, and how to get actively involved in solving County challenges, are explored.

Summit High School Career Days......led by Elizabeth Wickert

Rotarians give a couple of hours, once a year, in December, to talk to students about their chosen profession. Other members of the community participate in this event, also.

Hero Award ............ led by Sheriff John Minor

Award recipient from Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMT, Mountain Rescue, etc.