The Community Service Committee, led by Joni Ellis, is responsible for:

Literacy: MaryAnne Johnston chairs the very active Literacy Committee. Projects include dictionary and book giveaways, writing contests, reading buddies in the schools, and distribution of the Brain Game for new parents.
9 Health Fair: Chaired by Don Parsons is an annual health fair held in the spring. We serve upwards of 900 people, using many many volunteers.
Thanksgiving Dinner Project: Chaired and managed by Wendy Myers and Jennifer Kermode. A free Thanksgiving Dinner for locals wishing to enjoy a feast with friends and neighbors.
Flu Shots:Organized by Sister Rita Cammack, flu shos are provided to Rotarians at a Tuesday morning meeting in the fall.
Local Rotary Grants: Mike Kurth and his committee distribute monies on a quarterly basis (approximately $10,000 annually). Applications can be downloaded on our Home Page.
Salvation Army
Trail Projects: Paul Semmer organizes trail work on the Continental Divide, often choosing a day in the fall for this volunteer day.
Soldier Relief: Al and Liz Wickert send care packages to local troops stationed abroad.
Community Care Clinic: Ann Clement chairs this committee. The committee works with our local Community Care Clinic to provide much needed equipment.