RCAT has started the Trex recycling program to collect plastic that normally can’t be easily recycled (see poster for acceptable plastic):
RCAT Trex Recycling Program
Your participation
-save eligible plastic (clean and dry) in a small, plastic bag (preferably clear)
-Weigh the bag and send the weight to Marcy by e-mail
-Drop the bag off at the recycling tub at Dillon City Market
Marcy will
-tabulate weights and report to Lori Clotier; she will tell us how much weight we can add
-report our weight + donated weight monthly to Trex
-if you can’t get to recycling, bring bags to Rotary and Marcy (or Woody) will collect them
-if you can’t attend meetings in person, call Marcy and she will pick up bags
This is a great, easy project, that doesn’t cost us any money!  Trex uses this plastic for their product- Plastic that is difficult to recycle stays out of the landfill!!
Contact Marcy if you have questions or suggestions!
Acceptable Plastic for TREX recycling program