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Rotary Int'l News
Rotary projects around the globe – December 2022

Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, and India.

A community cure

Backed by Rotary’s Programs of Scale award, Partners for a Malaria-Free Zambia confronts a worldwide malady at the local level

Turning wine bottles back into sand

A club in Washington’s wine country uses a novel approach to keep glass out of the landfill.

Leveraging expertise with Ashoka

Leveraging expertise with AshokaRotary’s partnership with Ashoka brings together the vision of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs with the local expertise of Rotary members to inspire innovation that can solve problems, create leaders, and

Engagement through experiences

During the COVID-19 pandemic's initial U.S. wave in 2020, Detroit, Michigan, was one of many cities where first responders and medical personnel needed more personal protective equipment. A Rotary club in India learned about the situation and contacted its longtime partner, the Rotary Club of

Club Information
Welcome to Our Club, Proud Member of District 5450
Summit County

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
Senior Center
83 Nancy's Place, CR 1014
Frisco, CO 80443
United States of America
The breakfast bell rings at 7:10 am, and the main meeting bell rings at 7:25 am. A ZOOM option is also available!
Summit Rotary News
Happy Anniversary wink          
Rob Phipps             13 years     Dec 01 2009
Juhree  Wendl          1 year       Dec 07 2021
Lori  Burke               9 years     Dec 10 2013
Kelly Ballou              9 years     Dec 11 2013
Donald Parsons       16 years     Dec 11 2006
Lauren Fisher            1 year      Dec 14 2021
Rosemary Gullikson    1 year     Dec 15 2021
Maggie Hillman        24 years    Dec 15 1998
David Groth             20 years     Dec 17 2002

Happy Birthday  laugh                   
Rosemary Gullikson        Dec.  9
Paul   Semmer               Dec.  13
Chris  Manwill                Dec.  20
Ron Lara                       Dec.  22
Susan  Juergensmeier     Dec.  25
  • December 6th - Summit Rotary Staffs the Community Dinner @ Elks Club; 2-3 volunteers still needed.  See SignUp genius link on our members CR page or talk with Cindy Levin
  • December 13th - Adopt an Angel at Silverthorne Pavilion, all day.  Lots of volunteers needed!  See SignUp genius link on our main CR page.
  • December 15th - Holiday Party at the house of David Preaus
  • December 20th - Board meeting @ 8:45 AM after the club meeting.  Ute Room or on club meeting Zoom link
  • January 2nd - 1st Rotary Bingo Night at The Pad, 6 to 9 PM.  Friends and family welcome!  Support our club in this NEW monthly fundraiser and have a load of fun as well!
  • January 5th, Smart Bellies, Pack school backpacks:, 5 to 7 PM with Breckenridge Rotary club.  2 volunteers needed.  SignUp Genius link on club home page
  • January 2nd, ** Rotary Bingo Night ** at The Pad, 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Friends and family welcome!  
  • January 20 to 22nd., Copper Mtn Youth Exchange Ski Weekend,   More info to come!
Our club is committed to staffing the Community Dinner at the  Elks Club on Dec. 6.   We need at least 1 more volunteer but 2-3 would be best.  It is great fun to greet, serve and we also cleanup.   Arrive at 4:45 and leave around 7.
Please sign up by clicking this link or talk with Cindy Levin.
Thank you.
We will be discussing  A Swim in a Pond in the Rain by George Saunders. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER  A literary masterclass on what makes great stories work and what they can tell us about ourselves—and our world today.
All are welcome!
The plastic team of 5 Rotarians collected and processed 48 lbs of plastic this week, while Frank took care of 38lbs last week!   We could use more help!  Use sign up genius to help on any day that works for you or speak with Marcy/Cindy/Frank/Steve C./Rob P.

Also, if you have any connection with any business that may be willing to save their plastic film for us, please let Marcy know! 



We're pleased to announce that we have been able to add the Summit County Rotary Charitable Fund to Amazon.
What this following this link (, and selecting the Summit County Rotary Charitable Fund as your Charity, Amazon will donate a percentage of every one of your purchases to us! This is a very easy way to get additional funds for our projects. If all of our members select this option, we imagine there will be a nice little contribution to help our club!
Instead of going to when you make purchases, go to and you'll see us listed there!
If you have any questions please email Lynne Baer at
Share with your friends/family - so easy! 
Here is more information about the program in general:
Thank you,

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The Membership Committee needs new Rotary members (especially people who have joined Rotary in the last 2 - 3 years) to join the Committee to help us meet our challenges in attracting and retaining new members.  The Committee meets as needed to discuss approaches in how we can add, and involve, new members. The Summit Rotary Club is now below 100 members, and we need to recruit new folks to keep our club vibrant and involved in the community!

A Prospective Member should attend 3 zoom meetings before turning in his/her application, sponsor form, a short bio and $50 application fee to the Membership Chairman, Mike Connolly, or to any one on the Membership Committee.  The application will be presented to the Membership Committee for approval.  Once approved, the applicant's bio will be posted in our bulletin for 3 weeks.  If there are no questions about the Prospective Member, the induction will be scheduled. Two new categories of Membership have recently been approved – a Family Membership and a Corporate Membership.  Please contact an individual on the Membership Committee for details on these new types of Membership.

Membership Committee Members are: Chairman - David Guignard, Julianne Gilchrist, Sandy Mortensen, Ann Clement, Susan Juergensmeier, Stephanie Katz, David "Woody" Woodland.

When you do business with a Corporate Partner, thank them for being a Rotary Sponsor!
***DARK*** No club meeting
Dec 27, 2022
No meeting due to Christmas Break
Julia Kintsch & Mike Connolly
Jan 10, 2023
Summit County Safe Passages
December 2022