Feb 27, 2019 12:01 PM
The World of Coffee!

24 Atoms Coffee Company is a specialty coffee microroaster located in East Dallas.  The name of the company is derived from the number of atoms in a caffeine molecule – C8H10N4O2.  Great care is taken at every step in our process as science and artisanship converge in the creation of our coffee.  From bean selection to roast profile development to small batch roasting, our goal is to provide you the best coffee each and every time.


East Dallas resident Brad Mathis is the Founder/Nucleus & Roastmaster of 24 Atoms Coffee Company.  The first 20 years of Brad’s career was in the corporate world as a distribution and supply chain specialist doing strategic and tactical planning for food companies like Coca Cola, Sara Lee, and Bimbo Bakeries.  During this time his passion for coffee percolated as an avid coffee drinker then took off in 2014 when introduced to roasting while attending coffee school in Portland, OR.  Upon returning, he began roasting using a cast iron skillet on the kitchen stove and cultivating the next steps.  He further developed his skills at roasting school in San Rafael, CA.  24 Atoms Coffee Company started selling coffee in May 2017.


To give back to our community, a portion of our revenue is donated to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (


Brad will be talking about the fascinating journey a coffee bean makes before ending up as your morning cup of coffee.

Mar 06, 2019 12:01 PM
Four Way Test Contest
Mar 13, 2019 5:29 PM
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St. Paul Catholic Church Parish Center
Feb 23, 2019
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Happy New Year
Christmas party 2018
Monica and Glenn Scott hosted opened their home for the traditional Christmas party this year. A lot of camaraderie and fun. And of course the traditional white elephant gift exchange where you can win all kinds of useful items :-) Thank you Monica and Glenn!
Forest Ridge Choir visits RERC on 12/19
As a long standing tradition the choir from Forest Ridge elementary school visited us an performed a great program. This is such a nice program and it's always a big treat for the club.
Duties on 1/2/19
Greeters -  Rick Kimball, George McKearin
Prayer & Pledge - Tommie Wright
Duties on 1/16/19
Greeter - Kenn Smith, Per Treven
Prayer & Pledge - Ron Wilson
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