Feb 26, 2020
Discuss Fund raiser Strategies
Mar 04, 2020
City of Richardson-Water Distribution System
Mar 18, 2020
The Arc House
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Upcoming Events
Games and Gala 2020
St. Paul Catholic Church Parish Center
Feb 29, 2020
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
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Russell Hampton
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Countdown to Games and Gala
The Games & Gala is soon here!
There is still time to make a difference to:
- Sell Tickets (G&G Chair - Tom Hummel)
- Get a Sponsor (G&G Chair - Ron Wilson)
- Get Silent Auction items (G&G Chair - Laurie Garvie)
The following are some important dates to keep in mind:
February 5th - Club Assembly
February 12th - G&G Committee will have a walk-through of the Parish Center after the lunch meeting
February 15th - Deadline to guarantee sponsor signage. Sponsor money is still accepted but we cannot guarantee the proper display at the G&G after this date.
February - 26th - Club Assembly
February - 26th - Final date for Silent Auction items.
February 29th - Games and Gala. Everybody to report to the Parish Center at 8 am for set up.
Here is a special message from Laurie related to Silent Auction:
We are in the home stretch with less than SIX WEEKS to go before our Richardson East Rotary Club Games and Gala! We need everyone in our club to contribute 4-6 items for the Silent Auction in order to reach our fundraising goals. We are collecting items, as well as gift cards and gift baskets. The most popular items are: gift cards for restaurants, entertainment, services (car washes, oil changes, manicures, etc.)
Please bring your items to any of our remaining Rotary meetings. Or, you may deliver them to Laurie Garvie at the Richardson Symphony Orchestra office, located at 399 West Campbell Road, Suite 200A in Richardson. Hours are M-F, 9-5.
Happy New Year
New Proposed Members
Two new members have been proposed for RERC Membership.
Lesley Benson is a member of the Richardson Symphony Board and Richardson reads on book. She's a Richardson LR alumni from class XXXIV
Shawn Poe is serving as Director of Engineering for the City's Capital Projects Department. Shawn has worked in the municipal engineering field for more than 24 years 
The have been approved by the board and are announced here to the full membership.
A message from D. Schieferstein
You Cannot Play the Piano with Clenched Fists
~ by D. R. “D” Schieferstein, Past President LRAA and Richardson East Rotary Club
My bride of 35 years is more talented than she realizes.  While she doesn’t sit at the piano as often as she once did, she always made me wish I had spent more time learning to play.  Whether I’m sitting with my eyes closed taking in the beautiful pieces she selects or whether I’m watching her hands glide across the keys, it is always an enjoyment for me.  There is something beautiful flowing from her hands and especially from her heart when she plays.
I could probably, with enough time, figure out which keys to strike in order to play one of the pieces she would play.  Trust me though, it would not sound the same.  You see, the music doesn’t come from just hitting the right keys at the right time, it comes from the heart.  It requires her to open her heart and hands, stretch across the octaves and be in the music.  It commands the willingness, discipline and devotion to practice, practice and practice even more.
Volunteering also requires us to open our hearts and hands first.  It too commands us to stretch across our community with willingness, discipline and devotion and be in the community.  Many may clench their fists with resentment, selfishness, egotism and greed; relying on our government, or someone else, to fix whatever issues need repairing.  Volunteering commands us to open our hearts and hands so we can reach out to others and help in our own way.
According to a national survey commissioned by United Health Group, volunteering is good for your health.  Of those surveyed, seventy-six percent said volunteering has made them feel healthier.  Seventy-eight percent said it lowered their stress level, ninety-four percent said their mood was improved and ninety-six percent said volunteering enriched their sense of purpose.
For some, just opening their wallet allows them to feel better.  However, I would challenge them to also unclench their fists, open their hearts, reach out and feel how great it is to help others.  There are myriad ways to get involved, locally or abroad.    
You cannot play the piano with a clenched fist and you cannot reach out with a helping hand with one either.
uties on 1/22/2020
This meeting will be at IL Texas HS
Greeters - Kenn Smith, Laurie Garvie
Duties on 2/5/2020
Greeters - Mary Bedosky, Wendy Seale
Prayer & Pledge - Craig Overstreet
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