Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
Sep 25, 2019
Nancy Church-U.S. Corp of Engineers
Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Nancy Church is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Logistics Planner.

Nancy supports the contingency operations and is involved in all phases of an operation from prepareness to planning and recovery. While she supports military contingency operations and specific missions, much of her time is committed to the missions under FEMA's Emergency Support Function for Public Works and Engineering.

Because of her vast experiences with numerous disasters, Nancy's willingness to take on new roles to expand her knowledge base, as well as creating processes and procedures for enhancing mission rersponsiveness, she has been deemed a subject expert in several areas including super storms,ice storms and hurricanes. She spent more than six months in Puertot Rico following Hurricane Mara with the Corps Temporary Emergency Power Mission.

She has recieved recieved numerous accocomodation medals for her support and her intiatives for improving response efforts.