Mar 04, 2020
Hunter Stephens- Director of Public Services
City of Richardson-Water Distribution System

Hunter Stephens-Assistant Director of Public Services

The Utilities Division consist of water and wastewater operations responsible for all asset maintenance necessary to make the water distribution system and wastewater collection system function properly.

Water Operations crews are charged with the responsibility of maintenance and repair of the water distribution system.  This includes maintenance of larger water lines, valves, fire hydrants and individual smaller service lines to meters at all residences and day to day maintenance of 5 pump stations (25 total Service Pumps), 7 ground storage reservoirs, 7 elevated towers, 5 sewer and lift station and 6 valve vaults.

Sewer Collection System collects and transports wastewater from all customers to waste water treatment plants. The collection system provides a dependable source for wastewater disposal in adequate quantities to meet the needs of all residential, commercial and industrial users.  The duties for crews over this system include routine and emergency cleaning, line stoppage removals, sewer taps, manhole construction and clean-out installation.