Small Groups
Objective:  meet once per quarter for fellowship and to get to know one another and your spouses or significant others better. Have fun!
Chairman of each team should contact each member of their group to plan a meeting.  Meetings can be dinner together, going to a show or movie together, gathering at someone’s home, etc.  You get to pick! 
Groups 1-4
Group #1
Keith Kockler – chairman
Woody Alexander
David Frazee
Doug Crosby
Group #2
Joe Allinder – chairman
Scott Dunn
Ron Wilson
Chuck Manthey
Group #3
Bill Alsup – chairman
Karen Ellis
Ted Ellis
Byron Johnson
George McKearin
Jeannie Stone
Group #4
Mary Bedosky – chairman
Darryl Forte
Richard Lin
Ken Scwartz
Evan Hadrick
Groups 5-8
Group #5
David Blanchard – chairman
Drew Hayes
Bruce MacPherson
Monica Scott
Group #6
Wendall Ritz - chairman
Mark Denny
Tom Hummel
Miki Mankin
Gwen Savant
Group #7
Kenn Smith- chairman
Rick Kimball
D Schieferstein
Per Treven
Group #8
Faye Willis – chairman
Langford Sneed
Bill Walker
Bill Zeigler
Jim Henderson