Shen Yun is returning to Dallas for its 11th year! From January 28th-February 5th, visit the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas to experience this world premier Chinese classical music and dance performance with live orchestra. Learn more on our website and at
Shen Yun is a world premier Chinese classical music and dance performance with its own live orchestra, which has performed in the greater Dallas metropolitan area for the last 10 years.  It is scheduled to return for it’s 2017 performances at AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas from Jan 28 to Feb 5 and at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth on Jan 23 & 24. 
At its core, Shen Yun is a journey of traditional moral values, not just Chinese - where principles such as loyalty and filial piety, compassion and mercy, trust and justice, harmony and peace, bravery and forgiveness, respect for heavens, return good for evil, tolerance and perseverance, selfless sacrifice, all come to life.
In addition to DFW area, Shen Yun has international troupes that traveled to more than 20 countries and performed in over 100 cities around the globe.  In a short span of ten years, it has increased its single troupe to four as its mission of restoring moral values and ethics resonated throughout the world.   
Shen Yun performances have been receiving standing ovations from packed houses in renowned venues worldwide, such as Lincoln Center in NY with more than 10 shows every year!
With the morals on the decline everywhere in today’s world, Shen Yun’s mission of bringing back the traditional values deeply inspires me and a lot of people worldwide!  I hope everyone in our club will get a chance to experience the inspiration! Make sure you use the  promotion code “Rotary-2017"offered to Rotarians to waive the ticketing fees!
Below is the official site of Shen Yun for reference: