Firefighters place themselves in danger every day, just to keep the members of our community safe—and they also provide lifesaving emergency services care. Here in Plano, our firefighters also often travel to other locations to provide disaster relief services. These men and women truly are heroes! Too often, they don't get the recognition they deserve—but this month, several Rotary Clubs in Plano worked together to say "Thanks."
On October 6, 2020, Plano Metro Rotary Club partnered with Plano West Rotary Club to provide lunch for all 130 Plano Fire Department employees. This includes 13 stations and the administration building. Each station and the administration building also received a gift basket filled with donated snacks, hand warmers, pain cream, and drinks. Plano Metro Rotary Club members Kathi Dye and Shelley Strickland volunteered onsite to deliver meals to fire stations. Our club also donated $500 to help pay for the meals, from the Community Service budget. Thanks to all of our members, and especially Kathi and Shelley, for organizing and participating in this community service project.