Aug 10, 2022
Rob Holmes
How to Stop Mass Shooters without Violence: From Columbine to Uvalde


Raised in Atlantic City in a family of private investigators, Rob worked his first case at the age of twelve. While aspiring as a comedian in Los Angeles in the early 90's, he was employed at a premiere investigative firm. Here, he found himself assigned to a new breed of faceless perpetrators: Online Offenders. Rob conducted some of the world’s first intellectual property-related cyber investigations, and pioneered the study of the ‘Virtual Crime Scene’. He resides in Collin County, Texas and spends his time with his wife and dogs, and his brother Jason (who works with him) and his family. He enjoys being at coffee shops or pubs; either alone with his laptop or having conversations with good people. His client portfolio includes many of those that are regularly featured on the Forbes® list of The World's Most Valuable Brands. Rob is a Private Eye, Funny Guy, Writer, Freemason, Gen-Xer, Libertarian, and a Gene Hackman fan.

Columbine to Uvalde: Preventing Active Shooters
From Columbine to Uvalde, we have seen one tragedy after another. Our children are killing their own. In the majority of these incidents, these young men projected their aggression by targeting groups that rejected them or those they felt represented those groups. In most of those cases, the FBI admittedly had a file on the mass killer. What went wrong? For more than a decade, and after thousands of investigations, Rob Holmes of MI:33 has developed an effective strategy to quell violence among those who project these threats. He and his team have developed a profiling system, with threat tiers, and physical intervention to prevent these projections from becoming  a reality. Please join Rob for an informative and open discussion on this topic, his successes, and how we can take this approach nationwide.