Flag Program
The Flag Program is our Club’s largest fundraiser, and makes up the largest part of our budget. We use the money from the Flag Program to install flags in your yard, maintain equipment, store the flags, employ proper destruction methods of torn or worn flags, and purchase new flags when necessary. More importantly, funds raised from this program allow the Club to make charitable contributions that support Duncanville schools, students, educational initiatives, non-profit organizations and humanitarian efforts locally and internationally. The money from this program is not used to reimburse Rotarians for gas, time, or money they spend in these volunteer efforts.
We display the United States Flag and Texas Flag five times a year on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veteran’s Day. The Rotary Club of Duncanville Flag Program places flags only within the Duncanville city limits. SUBSCRIPTION RATE: $45 A YEAR FOR EACH FLAG. Subscriptions purchased mid-year can be pro-rated, or you can make a donation. Mail in application

How it works
Once you become a subscriber, we will go to your home or business, dig a hole 15” from your front sidewalk or curb, and insert a PVC sleeve. We will paint a white mark so we know where the flag sleeve is located. We will mount a 3 ft. x 5 ft. United States flag on a 10 ft. metal pole in the flag sleeve on five patriotic holidays.

Why we do it
Flying the American flag allows us to celebrate the spirit of freedom, sacrifice, and honor. The Rotary Flag program is an expression of pride, patriotism and community service, and at the same time helps so many people in our city.