Rotary Club of Southlake

Everything is going great here in Beijing! I have one more month of class to go and then I have my thesis defense. I should be all finished up with this part of the program by early July! With the end of the semester in sight, it's hard to believe how quickly time has flown by. At this point, I'm comfortably settled into life in Beijing.


It's been a great experience making friends with people from all over the world. I've particularly enjoyed getting to know some of the Chinese students better this semester and getting the chance to be more involved with everything that is happening in Beijing. I was able to organize a clothing drive among international students earlier in the year to donate to a local charity. We were able to muster a few bags worth of winter clothes. Hopefully we can organize another one this summer as people are moving out.


I've also really enjoyed my classes so far this semester. I am currently taking courses on China and the Global Economy, China's Foreign Policy, East Asia and International Relations, and a Mandarin Chinese course. Given the US-China relationship right now, it is a very fascinating time to be in China and hearing Chinese opinions on everything going on. 


In addition, I've was able to get in contact with the London Rotary Club and joined in on one of their meetings in March! It was very cool to join a video chat with so many people from all over the world. I am excited to have been scheduled in for a presentation to them on June 21st! 


Please extend my thanks and greetings to everyone at the Southlake Rotary Club! This has been an amazing experience so far and I look forward to seeing everyone again in person when I get back home to Texas. 


Sichuan, China
Yunnan, China
Scwedagon Pagoda (Myanmar)
Taj Mahal (India)