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“Something a little different and it will be fun” --- by Southlake Rotarian Jim Giffins
Apr 12, 2019 12:00 PM
Jerah Hutchins
“Something a little different and it will be fun” --- by Southlake Rotarian Jim Giffins

Southlake Rotarian Jim Giffin professes that our next presentation by Jerah Hutchins will be “...something a little different… but it will be fun….”  How very enticing! 

The Southlake Rotary Club is excited to announce speaker Jerah Hutchins, Owner of Clearing the Chamber, Consultant at DFW Shooting Sports, and Brand Ambassador for Alexo Athletica,  presenting tomorrow at the Timarron Country Club at 12:00 pm.   NRA certified in firearms, CPR, and self-defense, Jerah has been a 2nd Amendment advocate for 9 years.

Jerah’s presentation will include a brief history of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and provide an overview of firearms training.  She will also provide updated information on the Texas Gun Experience, a new indoor gun range, retail outlet and training facility currently under construction in Grapevine across from Stacy’s Furniture.

Growing up shooting outdoors along with her military family roots made a career in firearms nearly inevitable.  Jerah began her journey as a gun range consultant in 2013, assisting in the building of 5 firearm ranges.  Since her focus lies with female shooters and creating facilities that promote the 2nd Amendment, Jerah finds her passion is teaching introductory shooting and safety classes for women and youth as well as producing unique gun events that encourage people of all ages to get to the range and practice. 

Jerah’s company, Clearing the Chamber is an organization which teaches the Texas License to Carry course in one’s own home or office. To learn more about Clearing the Chamber, go here: 

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