Ron Tennissen grew up in a small farming community just outside Wichita, and has always considered Wichita home. He graduated Wichita State University with a Bachelor Degree, and a 2nd Lieutenant commission from ROTC and a two-year commitment to serve in the US Army. Assigned to a military intelligence branch, he spent two years in the United States, mostly in Colorado. Being young, single and foolish I extended my commitment by one year and served a year (1969) in Vietnam.
After leaving the Army, he worked 2.5 years in a retail management position and then as a Wichita police officer.  He married his wife Vicki in 1973 and was hired by Marion Laboratories. Over the next 18-years, he held several positions in the company including:  clinical research, professional education, product marketing, program management and finally as Vice President Market Development.
After Marion merged with Merrill Dow, the company downsized and reorganized. "I was given the opportunity to stay or take an early retirement.  I followed the advice of two individuals.  First, George Brett who said, '20 years is long enough to stay on the same ride at the amusement park,' and my back fence neighbor, Moe Cougher, who said, 'When the downsizing begins, jump on the early retirement package.'” 
Three-days into early retirement, he received a job offer at a pharmaceutical focused healthcare-consulting firm based in Palo Alto, CA.  This eventually led to a partner position in the firm, while working from his home in Lenexa.  In 2003, he sold his interest to the business and went into “full retirement”.
Ron and his wife Vicki raised three daughters, Kim, Carrie and Christine.  Kim and Christine are married and between them I have 4 grandsons.  Kim is a nurse practioner at Children’s Hospital, Carrie is a project manager at Cerner and Christine is a business manager at a privately run maximum-security prison in Leavenworth. Vicki and Ron were married for 40 years when she passed away in August 2013.
Ron first joined Rotary in 1994, with the Rotary Club of Johnson County.  He has served as president, assistant district governor, and as Lt. Governor for District Governor John Vandewalde.  He was a founding member of the Rotary Club of Western Johnson County. He left Rotary in 2013 due to his wife’s illness.
We are so glad to have him as a member of our club! Welcome, Ron!