ShrimpFest is 2 WEEKS AWAY.  This is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year and Chairman Matt Janes want'sEVERYONE'S help.  If you are not signed-up to help, please contact any of the Chairs below to volunteer to help.  Volunteers will be needed in each area.
General Chair Matt Janes   Contact him with any general questions.  Information updated weekley.  Please forward all updates for the newsletter to Amy Ruo.
Tickets - Pete Black - Chair
SELL THOSE TICKETS!!  Each member is responsible to sell/buy 10 tickets.  When you sell all 10, see Pete for more tickets!
Prizes - Moe Cougher - Chair
We need donations for bingo prizes and silent auction sale items.  Donations needed by February 23rd!
  • NEED 12 bingo prizes in the $50+ value area -- merchandise or gift cards
  • NEED silent auction items - ANY value
  • NEED gift cards ($25 value is perfect) to give out for multiple bingo winners
Bar - Marshall Rimann - Chair
Soft Drinks - Jerry Bowmer - Chair
Desserts - Amy Ruo - Chair - Each Rotarian is required to bring two (2) desserts, e.g. cake, pie, brownies, or 3 dozen cookies.  Volunteers will be needed to work at the dessert table the night of the event.
Cook - Pat Thomas - Chair
Food Service - Jim Blaufuss - Chair
Bingo/Facilities/Decorations - Ashley Sherard - Chair
Pull Tabs - Rick Morton & Greg Peterson - Chairs.  SMNW Interact members over the age of 18 will sell pull tabs.
Silent Auction - Fred Spears - Chair