Speaker Date Topic
Jolinda McClintock Jun 18, 2021 8:00 AM
LINK Business Facilitation-Liberty EDC

LINK Business Facilitation Offers:


• One-on-One Assistance:

LINK’s business facilitator will offer one-on-one assistance to small businesses to find out their specific needs. LINK’s Business Facilitator will meet at a convenient time and place that works on the entrepreneur’s schedule. The Facilitator is the connector of resources and will guide business owners to the information or contact that can help their business.

• Resource Team:

The LINK Resource Team is comprised of local small business owners, volunteers and community leaders that together have a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts. This is a group of people who truly care about the economic development and sustainability of Liberty Missouri. Strengthening Liberty small businesses is an important role in economic development, with strong locally owned businesses we will set the path for future growth for ourselves and generations to come.



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LINK Business Facilitator

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