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Meeting Notes -- January 5, 2021
Meeting Notes
January 5, 2021
President Paul welcomed everyone to today’s Mountain View Rotary Meeting.  The Rotary International theme for this year is “Rotary Opens Opportunities.”  Our Club theme is “We Open Opportunities For Everyone in the Community.” 
Mandy is our Rotary Foundation Chair this year and the goal for the Club is to have 100% participation in this year’s contributions to the Foundation.  You can send your donation for The Rotary Foundation to Mandy Andrei at 2934 Vivian Lane, San Jose, CA 95124.  If you prefer, you can also make your donation to The Rotary Foundation on line at https://my.rotary.org/en/donate.   If you make an on line donation, please send a message to Mandy to let her know.  Feel free to give Mandy a call if you have any questions at 650-281-4356 or email her at mandyandrai@gmail.com.
For anyone who would like to join the President’s Club, please make your checks out for $150 to the Mountain View Rotary Club and send them to Mountain View Rotary President’s Club, PO Box 390280, Mountain View, California 94041.
From Heather:  If you have speaker ideas for the upcoming year, please sign up for a week(s) or month via this spreadsheet or contact me by email (hsten@me.com) or phone:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yWN7DTtzVo5i8Zk8lAeZFM8f6fZ0D5-b/view?usp=sharing.
Sanjay presented several options for this year’s Mountain View Rotary Speech Contest.  After some discussion, the Club settled on the Zoom Appointment option.  The contest will be completed by February 27th with the first place winner receiving $100, second place $50, and third place $25.
President Paul announced that we will be unable to have a Crab Feed event this year because of the pandemic.  He asked that all members consider donating whatever they would have spent on tickets to the Crab Feed.  The funds will be used for the Club’s charitable grants for the year.  Members may make their checks out to “Mountain View Rotary Endowment” and send them to Mountain View Rotary Endowment, PO Box 390280, Mountain View, California 94041.  All donations to the Mountain View Rotary Endowment are fully tax deductible.
If anyone knows of any of our members in distress or that need anything, please let President Paul or one of the Board Members know.  We want to make sure everyone knows that we are here to take care of each other.
Sanjay introduced Dr. Nellie Meyer who is the Superintendent of the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District.
2020 was definitely a challenging year for MVLAUHSD, but much was accomplished.
The goals and progression of learning during the pandemic have included:
-Safe students and staff
-Virtual learning
-Safe cohort return
-Return to traditional learning
The District had implemented the “safe cohort return” and was moving toward the “return to traditional learning” when the pandemic levels increased sharply in early December, causing a return to “virtual learning.”
The Governor has set four pillars to address learning during the pandemic:
-Funding – MVLAUHSD receives $450 per student
-Safety and Mitigation – this includes testing, personal protective equipment, contract tracing, and vaccinations
-Oversight and Assistance
-Transparency and Accountability
MVLAUHSD has received $2,300,000 from the federal and state governments to address issues related to the pandemic.
To date, MVLAUHSD has had a total of twelve COVID cases, nine involving students and three involving staff.
Next Meeting
Tuesday, January 19, 2021, via Zoom.  Social time will start at 12:00 pm with the meeting beginning at 12:15 pm. Our speaker will be Thida Cornes and her service companion Nakoma from Canine Companions for Independence who provide information about the program and show some tricks.  Heather challenges all members to join during our social hour for share and tell of their canine companions!!!