"Seeing Care in Everyday Life" - Tools for analyzing care and wellbeing
Oct 12, 2021
Rajiv Mehta, CEO of Atlas of Care
"Seeing Care in Everyday Life" - Tools for analyzing care and wellbeing

Rajiv Mehta, Found & CEO of Atlas of Care - Mtn View Rotary Club Program for October 12, 2021

"Seeing Care in Everyday Life" – Presentation by Rajiv Mehta

Caring for one another is a fundamental aspect of being human. Nearly everyone actively and simultaneously cares for themselves, cares for others, and is cared for by others. Those caring for family members or friends with serious illnesses or disabilities are well aware that care can be physically and emotionally draining. But if you pay attention, you’ll notice that in even in everyday life there is a lot of care going on.

In this talk, you’ll be introduced to Atlas of Care’s Mapping Ourselves tools for observing, visualizing, and analyzing care and wellbeing. These freely-available tools have helped many better understand their own lives — Who is involved? What do they do? How do day-to-day activities impact wellbeing? etc. And, you’ll learn about community-based programs that have strengthened social bonds and enabled communities to fully-leverage their collective capacity to care for each other.

Mr. Mehta's Bio: 

Rajiv Mehta is the founder and CEO of non-profit Atlas of Care, which explores and develops tools and methods to help people better care for themselves, their families and communities. Collaborators have included Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Michigan Health Endowment Fund, AARP, and Santa Barbara Foundation.

He has presented on care and community, personal science, and wellbeing technologies at conferences globally. He has been recognized as a Visionary on the Care100 List, as an Influencer on Aging by PBS affiliate NextAvenue, and is a Salzburg Fellow. He serves as an advisor to Quantified Self, Black Mothers' Breast Feeding Association, and research studies at Stanford, USC, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Earlier in his career, Rajiv led innovation and business exploration efforts for Apple, Adobe, Motorola and numerous startups, and was a research scientist at NASA. He studied aerospace engineering at Princeton (BS) and Stanford (MS), and business at Columbia (MBA).