Frequently Asked Questions


What is the "Foundation" ?

There are not enough digits in cyber space to go over this completely.  However, there are actually two Foundations.  The "Santa Clara Rotary Foundation" (SCRF) a 501 3(c) foundation established on behalf of our club with the primary purpose of providing scholarships to youth in our community.  This SCRF is typically funded through our clubs own fundraising efforts and other efforts or donations on our club member's part.  The other foundation, "The Rotary International Foundation" (TRF) is the world-wide club and personal efforts champaign to raise monies for causes around the world including Polio, Polio Plus and other similar needs.  This effort is promoted more often in our club on an annual giving basis and also promoted through our District 5170.  A portion of the monies donated to the TRF are available back to the clubs three years later in the form of matching funds/grants for our club project(s) that meet the designated guidelines, and are referred to as District Designated Funds (DDF) and or Global Grants.  More details 

How do I do a make up?

 Simply go to visit another club meeting and ask them for a make-up slip.  Bring this make-up slip to our next meeting and give it to the club secretary or Sgt. at Arms.   Verify on the next billing that you are credited for the meal so that you are not billed by our club, as well, for the date that you missed our club or your make-up date.  Club rules state that make-ups are done within 15 days in front of or after a meeting.  If there are no make-up slips available, a simple e-mail from the club you visited or the "Four-Way Test", your word, will suffice.

When do our meetings actually start?

The meeting itself starts at 12:30 PM and goes until 1:30 PM, however, the doors open at 12 PM, most members arrive by 12:15 PM.  The earlier you are the more time you have to socialize and engage in fellowship.  Some even hang out after the meeting until the hotel kicks them out. 

Is the Past President's BBQ open for everyone? 

 It is not a silly question, Bob Ricks did not know the answer to it. Yes, this is an event for everyone. 

If I have an idea for a project should I propose it and how do I do this? 

Yes, anyone may make a proposal to the club board for any project.  The more ideas we have the better, however, it is always best practice to be prepared to work on it.  There are a number of great ideas, but some times they are dropped off on the board and there is not a lot the board can do unless there is someone passionate about it.  Let your passions for something reach others by getting involved.

Should I leave my iphone on at Anniversary events? 

Sure if you wish to be in good company.  However, consider this only when you are President, and remember you will be debunked at the end of your year. 

If you have other questions, please e-mail the club webmaster at the bottom far left link.