Posted on Nov 22, 2019
Local Waldoboro attorney Andrew J. Zulieve, Esq, of the firm Skelton, Taintor, & Abbot, joined our club today to talk all things intellectual property law.  Andy covered trademarks, patents, and copyright, amongst other topics.  Highly skilled in this area of expertise, Andy's legal career began as a law clerk for the world renowned D.C. based intellectual property firm, Finnegan Henderson. Additionally, he was an examining attorney for the US Trademark Office and has worked for several Maine law firms. In 2011, Andy opened his law practice in Waldoboro, where he served clients in Maine, nationally and internationally, until 2019 when he joined Skelton, Tainto,r & Abbott.  Andy's flair and speaking style made a complex topic very manageable for our club.  We're grateful for your time and sharing, Andy!