ImageA wonderful, marvelous, inspiring and informative presentation was given by Hope Douglas and Sue Barker from the Wind over Wings sanctuary located in Dresden, Maine, at the Rockland Rotary on August 13th.   The program was designed to be humorous, interactive and inspiring.  It certainly was that and more.



The birds that were presented had been injured and not able to return to the wild.  The smallest falcon was an American Kestrel named, Pippin, who flew into a barn window sustaining an injured wing with eye damage.  Percell, the peregrine falcon, came to Wind Over Wings after being hit by a car injuring the right wing.  This falcon species can soar up to 254 mph.  The red tail hawk flew through a shooting range shattering the bones of its wing that did not heal adequately for survival in the wild.  These red tail hawks can live in cities, deserts and the Alaskan tundra living up to 30 years of age.  Skywalker, the golden eagle, was shot deliberately out of the sky loosing its entire right wing and freedom.  Skywalker was an angry eagle.  At Wind Over Wings the staff adapted handicap steps for him, read to him and sang to him.  Skywalker decided to let go of his anger and become an encourager for people who have suffered a disability.  This is just a sample of the programs Rockland Rotary presents on a weekly basis.