Steve Thomas, Emmy award winning host of public television’s This Old House, spoke at the Rockland Rotary meeting on March 16. Steve helped make This Old House the PBS most watched series of all time.  His most recent work is on Renovation Nation which is on Discovery’s Planet Green.  Steve is a serial renovator and promoter of “green” remodeling and building. He is the current spokesperson for Habitat for Humanity International and is a staunch community supporter in activities such as Life Flight.
In his presentation, Steve highlighted many areas of his storied career including his work on the History Channels “Save Our History” where he covered astronauts who walked on the moon, his reporting and building of homes for Habitat for Humanity in underdeveloped countries, hosting a favorite This Old House show where a Red Barn was rebuilt, remodeling of a house in Massachusetts and later one off the coast of Port Clyde and another in Port Clyde (which he and his wife Evy rent during the Maine warm months). He also gave some background on his parents and how they met and lived in Arctic Alaska.
Steve also covered his early years as a sailor, crewing a racing yacht in the Pacific, first mate on a 103-foot schooner in the Mediterranean, and delivering a sloop from England to San Francisco. Eventually, Steve followed a dream and good timing and ventured to the South Pacific to Satawal where he learned from the local elders how to navigate using the stars. This led to Steve’s book “The Last Navigator” which led to a film for the PBS Adventure series.
Steve’s presentation was outstanding and extremely well received by all. We look forward to a future presentation with a more in-depth focus on his sailing adventures.