Rockland Rotary Club approved for Two Year Pilot
Thanks to the efforts of many club members, including Past-President Amie Hutchinson and Membership Chair Kermit Voncannon, Rockland Rotary Club was approved for a two year pilot program allowing us some latitude in attendance requirements, as well as promoting new ideas for meetings.  As a result of these efforts, beginning now and until June 30, 2017, our weekly meetings will allow us a wide variety of formats. 
In addition to our monthly breakfast sessions, held on the final Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m., we will see the following adjustments:
One meeting each month will be dedicated to member classification talks.
One meeting each month will focus on Rotary and Foundation Education for our members and guests.
One meeting each month will be dedicated to working on our projects and committees.
One meeting each month will feature a guest speaker.
Attendance for all Rockland Rotarians is now set at a minimum of twelve regular meetings each year.  A Rockland Rotarian could choose a make-up project to count for one of those meetings in the form of:
1. Volunteering with an approved Rockland Rotary community partner.  Our current choices are the Area Interfaith Outreach food program and the YMCA.  One hour of volunteer time is equal to one meeting make-up.
2.  Attend another Rotary club meeting.
3.  Volunteer for a shift on a Rotary project or Rotary event.
4.  Attend a monthly Board meeting.
5.  Complete an online make-up at:
In order to grow our membership, and encourage young professionals to join us, the pilot program has a new member dues structure.  The dues will be set at $125 for the program and will be prorated depending on when the new member is inducted into the club, and the registration fee will be waived.  This dues level may need to be adjusted as Foundation and District dues increase.
These greatly reduced time commitments and affordability structure are designed to make it easy and attractive for busy professionals to participate with our club.  Despite the reduced commitment, we hope that membership fosters engaged and energetic individuals to want to commit to our Rotary International Community.