Partnering with the Rotary Club of McKinney Sunrise, McKinney, TX with the projects that your club sponsors, you will discover the fund raising for those projects has now become simple. Your projects will be financed exclusively through a fundraising experience named the “Flag Lease Fundraising Program”.
The blueprint for a Rotary Club Fund Raising project (Flag Lease Manual and Administrative documents) describes “How to” deliver and install flags to subscribers on designated “flag” holidays throughout the year and take them down after the holiday. A flag lease is sold to a subscriber/local home resident and a United States flag is installed in front of each home and the flag is removed after the designated flag holiday and stored. 
Table of Contents
Setting, Purpose, and Description of Project
Target Market
Planning and Delivery of the Flag Lease Fundraising Program
Planning Activities to Implement
Implementation of the Planned Activities
Success Formula
Notes, Appendices, Documents, and Pictures
This is a fundraising program in which every member of the club can participate. It builds club camaraderie, fellowship, and tighter alliance to the club. It helps find and recruit good new members. And most importantly, it promotes patriotism in the community your club supports which creates a local and consistent annual customer base that funds your clubs projects.
Reaching profitability within the first year of the Flag Lease Fundraising Program is the objective. How many flags you want to lease in your service boundaries will determine your projected revenue, i.e., a leased flag leased at $45 per year with a target sold of 500 flags in the first year grosses $22,500. In order to accomplish this financial objective, your club’s strategy is to build loyalty and a great customer base by offering a custom service (home delivery placement) catering to the home owner/customer who is patriotic and wants a US Flag displayed on their property.  
To get started with this powerful Fund Raising Program complete the questionnaire and purchase the “Flag Lease Manual and Administrative Documents” for $99.00. In addition, we also can offer your club a customer data base system known as the “Rotary Flag Pro Software (RFPS) to completely manage your flag lease fundraising project for an initial annual cost of $299.00.
If you have any questions regarding the purchase of the Blueprint Flag Lease Manual and/or the customer data base system (RFPS), complete the questionnaire and submit it to us. Thank you for your consideration!
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