12:00 - 1:00 PM MEETING
September 16
Gary Johnson
Attorney with Beckman Lawson
September 23
September 30
Matt McClure,
Executive Director of Artlink
Spin for September 16, 2019
GREETERS: Greg Allen (First Federal Bank) & Ramesh Narang (Purdue Fort Wayne)
CASHIER: Ashley Warren (Star Financial Bank)
INSPIRATION:  John Alexander (Retired)
Rotary Is….Lori Stinson (North Eastern Realty Group) on Interact at New Tech High School
HOUSE:  Kurt Beuchel (1st Source Insurance) & John Gliot (Anthony Wayne Boy Scout Council)
SPIN AUTHOR: Barb Wachtman (Retired)
Web Master & AV: James Cress (Retired Pastor)
PROGRAM: Gary Johnson, Attorney with Beckman Lawson
MENU: Ravioli and Chicken-corn Chowder Soups, Caesar Salad, Chicken Cacciatore with Pasta, Bread Sticks, Vegetable Blend, Cookies & Brownies
Reporter: Barb Wachtman, Community Volunteer 
Rotary and Democracy at Their Best
Thanks to Club President Holli Seabury and several other Rotarians, the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne sprang into action when Lisa Waterman alerted members that Rotary’s Avenue of Trees along North Clinton may be in danger due to a new development. Holli brilliantly led the effort, with Randy Roberts being club spokesman at Monday's (September 9) Planning Commission meeting. Below is a portion of President Holli’s summary of this whirlwind effort. Bravo to all involved for bringing this delicate issue to a successful end in a matter of days.   
From President Holli:
I am updating you on September 9, 2019 planning commission meeting.  There is a recap in the Journal Gazette here: 
I am happy to report we had good representation: Randy Roberts, Bill Harris, Christian Wolff, Julie Bobay, Lynne Gilmore, Dick Conklin, Al Diefenbach, James Cress and I attended. The developer made an impressive pitch, and I think the consensus of everyone in the room was that this project will be an amazing addition to downtown. It will bring over 230 condos/townhouses, retail and parking.  
There were concerns raised by groups, which are detailed in the newspaper article above, and most centered around tree removal and the narrowing of the sidewalk along Clinton. Randy represented Rotary and laid out our initial concerns and detailed the agreement we have reached with the developer (so it could go in the public record) and indicated the club does support the project. 
This meeting was an excellent example of the democratic process at work - there were groups and individuals with concerns, but they all expressed them in a respectful and thoughtful way.
There will be several more meetings before this is all finalized, but the upside is that our club is being seen as involved in our past projects and involved in downtown development. The attorney for the developer, Tom Trent, is the son of a late Rotarian and could not have been more apologetic about leaving us off the list of community stakeholders. He has already responded to us about getting the $18,000 check from the developer to our club to offset our costs for the tree maintenance.
Gorgeous day for golf!
The 34 golfers in Monday’s Annual Rotary Club of Fort Wayne Golf Tournament played in near-perfect weather. Moderate temperatures reached 77 degrees, with a gentle breeze over the Autumn Ridge Golf Course.  
Dave Dyer led an excellent tournament, complete with drink cart and prizes.
When golfers left the final green, these players emerged as tourney winners:
  • Winning team: With a score of 58, the winning team included Greg Allen, A.J. Stites, Brandon McClain and Dennis Hellmann.
  • Longest putt: Dan Gabbard   
  • Closest to the pin: Tyler lantz
  • Hole sponsors: Jim Kratzat, Tim Gibson, Greg Allen, and Dave Dyer
The estimated $625 net proceeds from the tournament benefit Rotary Youth Programs. 
Thanks to all golfers, supporters and Dave Dyer, for making the September 9 tournament a success!
Photos of the various teams follow.
Eating, Drinking, Conversing...Rotarians Do These Best!
      Longest putt: Dan Gabbard             Closest to the pin: Tyler lantz
Winning Team: Greg Allen, A.J. Stites, Brandon McClain and Dennis Hellmann
HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS???  Rotary International President Elect Holgar Knaack will be in Fort Wayne on Friday, October 11th for an ALL CLUB LUNCHEON and  YOU ARE INVITED!!   
Rotary friends will be VISITING/CONTACTING YOUR CLUB to offer tickets for sale!  Tickets are just $25.  Why not get a "Club Table" of 8 and carpool to the event?!  ASK your friends to join you and arrive at the luncheon to network with others from around the world!  Rotary attendees will be visiting from 2 Rotary Zones, 13 states, 31 districts and several foreign countries!  All that adds up to 1 GREAT TIME!    
A TICKET IS REQUIRED for the luncheon, unless you have already registered for the larger Zone Summit.   Get your ticket to the luncheon through various persons offering them for sale including PDG Dan Ryan, DGE John Frischie, DGN Jane Roush, PDG John Balvich, PDG Roger Sims, the wonderful Bobbi Grill, and me, PDG Lisa Waterman.  Checks and cash are accepted.  Checks can be made payable to Rotary Zones 30-31.
RIPE Knaack will be in D6540 as part of the Zone Summit occurring that same week.   Note, the Zone Summit itself (lasting from Friday, Oct. 11 - Sunday, Oct. 13) is a special leadership training event and you may be interested.  Visit the Rotary Heart of America website (Click Here) for more information and registration. 
Don't miss this opportunity to see and experience Rotary outside the club level.  Rotary is phenomenal organization that is literally changing the world!  Come be a part of this cool event!  SEE YOU THERE!
Questions?  Text me at 260-479-7520 or write to me at lisarotarybiz@live.com (Insert into your email address)  We have your ticket waiting!
Lisa Waterman
District Governor 2017-2018
      Please consider joining us as a volunteer at Washington School with Study Connection.
      A tutoring/mentoring program that matches adults to work one-on-one with
      kindergarten - 5th grade students.
      Study Connection meets on Tuesdays  from 2:55-3:55 pm. - September thru May
      If you can't make a weekly commitment, consider partnering up and tutoring every other week.
      Volunteers play a BIG role in the students lives - by helping them with homework, reading, most 
      importantly just by being a mentor, and opening the students eyes to to all that they can achieve.
      If you would like more information on the program, please contact Julie Bobay or Lori Stinson.


      2020 Rotary International Convention
      For those planning to attend the 2020 Convention, rooms are quickly filling up – contact Lisa Waterman for room reservation information.
      UPCOMING PROGRAMS: Invite a guest to hear…………..
      September 23: MEETING AT THE NEW RIVERFRONT PAVILION; Steve McDaniel, Fort Wayne Parks Dept
      September 30: Matt McClure, Executive Director of Artlink
      September 24: Board Meeting, 8 am
      ANNOUNCEMENTS…Mark Your Calendar
      September 30: Community Health & Wellness Fair at Washington Elementary, 3:30-5:30
      October 11: Zone 30 & 31 All Club Luncheon with with Rotary International President Elect Holgar Knaack speaking.  Grand Wayne Center Convention Hall A, 12:15 pm, $25 pp.  See Lisa Waterman for tickets.
      October 10-13: Zones 30 & 31 Leadership Summit in Fort Wayne
      October 29: World Affairs Conference
      Membership at a Glance:  132 Active and 10 Honorary
      Timothy Durnell, VP Private Banker, First Federal Bank of the Midwest, Proposed by Greg Allen
      Chuck Wolfe, WCA, Strategic Solutions for Non-Profits, transfer from Lima OH Rotary Club
      Maurice Pearl, General Manager, CitiLink, Proposed by Jason Daenens
      Jay Maddox, Market President of NE IN, Horizon Bank, Proposed by Lisa Waterman
      Jacquelyn Mann, Office Manager, IES (Innovative Engineering Services), Proposed by Stephanie Veit
      Angela Grant, Vice President, Commercial Lender, First Financial Bank. Proposed by Greg Allen
      Fort Wayne Newspapers, Sponsored by Rick Zolman:
      Scott Stanford, President & CEO (member of Ski Town USA Club); Sherry Skufca, Editor of Journal Gazette; John Christensen, Director of Sales & Marketing
      Associated Churches: Kelley Bawmann, Development and Volunteer Coordinator
      Star Financial Bank: Jim Griest, SVP, Private Banking.  Former member of this Club and Warsaw IN
      RESIGNATIONS (as of May 1): Louise Jackson, Dave Kaverman; Jorge Ortiz; Masson Robertson; 
      Allen County Public Library Corporate Membership—Greta Southard & Stephannie Smith; Tom Heil with Associated Churches Corporate Membership;
      Win Rood, a 50 year member of the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne since 1969