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MONDAY MEETINGS at Parkview Field

12:00 - 1:00 PM MEETING
August 3
The Single Payer Health Insurance System--The Myths, Misrepresentations and Lies  
Presented by Steve Smith
Not able to join the meeting in person -- join us via Zoom:
GREETERS: Kelley Bawmann
INSPIRATION: Barb Wachtman
ROTARY IS….Dave Dyer
SPIN AUTHOR:  Bruce Haines
HOUSE: Evan Hyndman
Web Master & AV: TBA
PROGRAM: Steve Smith: The Single Payer Health Insurance Coverage--the myths, misrepresentations and lies  
MENU: Soups, Garden Salad, Chicken Fajitas, Mexican Rice, Corn, Assorted Desserts
Programs coming up…. Remember to invite guests to hear our great programs!
August 10: Tony Hudson: Blue Jacket
Spin Author - Staci Lugar Brettin
Moment of Inspiration
President Jeff Peat reviewed notes from “On this Date in History” to remind us that Rotarians have always been part of significant changes in our world.
“Rotary Is” Moment
Ron VerLee reminded us that last year our club decided to broaden invocation to include inspirational moments. He then shared a quote from Congressman John Lewis’ (1940-2020) book titled Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement (2015).
“When I care about something, when I commit to it, I am prepared to take the long, hard road, knowing it may not happen today or tomorrow, but ultimately, eventually, it will happen. That’s what faith is all about. That’s the definition of commitment – patience and persistence. People who are like fireworks, popping off right and left with lots of sound and sizzle, can capture a crowd, capture a lot of attention for a time, but I always have to ask, where will they be at the end? Some battles are long and hard, and you have to have staying power. Firecrackers go off in a flash, then leave nothing but ashes. I prefer a pilot light – the flame is nothing flashy, but once it is lit, it doesn’t go out. It burns steadily, and it burns forever.”
If you would like to share a moment of inspiration at a meeting, please contact Invocation Committee Chair Ron VerLee.
Paul Harris Fellows
The following Rotarians received Paul Harris awards at the meeting:
  • Bryan Marr: Congratulations on your first Paul Harris Fellow!
  • Tim Shambaugh: Congratulations on your Paul Harris Fellow plus 5!  
  • Ron Verlee: Congratulations on your Paul Harris Fellow plus 7!  
Member Update
Our friend and Rotarian Bill Gabbard is starting dialysis three times per week and is moving into Golden Years Assisted Living in town. Please send cards to him to show your love and appreciation. Bill's address is 31316 Goeglein Road, Room 5C, 46815. 
Weekly Program: “Rotary Club of Fort Wayne Peace Committee”
Small Group Discussions
The meeting focused on collaborating in small groups to answer questions and provide feedback and ideas for the Peace Committee related to partnerships and education.
Partnership Strategy – Implement approaches that support nonviolence and mutual respect within organizations and communities.
Tactic – Identify and address local and global based organizations.
Questions discussed in groups included:
  • What issues are you aware of that currently have an impact negatively or positively in our community?
  • What organizations are you familiar with doing work on the south side of town?
  • What issues are these organizations addressing?
  • Are you involved with any of them – why and how?
  • Who are key individuals who should be invited to the conversation?
  • How do you think Rotary can help and why?
  • Share contact information.
  • Any other ideas you have?
To share ideas or feedback on partnerships with the committee, please contact Ron VerLee.
Education strategy – Educate individuals and groups on nonviolence, peace, and critical community social fairness issues that help to reach constructive and nonviolent solutions.
Tactic – Develop and implement educational programs within and outside Rotary to educate about nonviolence to foster a greater awareness of peace.
Questions discussed in groups included:
  • What do nonviolence, peace, and social justice mean to you?
  • What educational opportunities could help inform others?
  • What are examples of such opportunities?
  • Who are key individuals who should be involved in this conversation?
  • How do you think Rotary can help and why?
  • Please share contact information.
  • Other ideas for education?
To share ideas or feedback on education with the committee, please contact Julie Bobay.
Chris Angellatta recommended that each week the newsletter include resources for learning more about issues that influence peace. Here are three resources that were mentioned in the meeting:
Peace Committee’s book club selection Healing Resistance (book):
      ANNOUNCEMENTS…Mark Your Calendar:
      • Dues statements HAVE BEEN sent VIA EMAIL and are NOW past due.  If you haven't paid, please do so.
      • Holli Seabury is looking for someone to be a back-up person to run the Zoom meetings at Parkview Field. If you are interested in serving, please contact Holli Seabury.
      • If you attend club meetings on Zoom, you can send your support for service by sending a check to Rotary, PO Box 11141, Fort Wayne IN 46856 ($3 per week or prepay through December— $72)
      • Because some members meet in person and others are on Zoom, attendance is not being taken.
      • The Zoom Room is available for Committee Meetings.
      Save the date for important events!
      • Rotary International Convention – June 20-26, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan
      Committee Meetings
            Peace committee meetings:
      • PC New member orientation August 3, 1:15 on Zoom
      • Full Committee Meeting August 13 and 27, on Zoom
      • Education Committee meeting August 6, at 4:00 pm on Zoom
      • September 21st, Education Committee Speaker/Break out-group at club meeting
            Board of Directors, August 25, 8:00 a.m. on Zoom
      Membership at a Glance:  121 Active and 11 Honorary
        John Saboski, Payroll & Benefits Manager, Micropulse Inc, Proposed by David Dyer
        Dr. Mark Daniel, Superintendent, FWCS
        Dave Kaverman (Relocation to Asheville NC)
        Parry Leavell, Star Financial Corporate Member (Business conflicts)
        Judy Fehlhaber (Work conflicts)
        Jacquie Mann (Personal Reasons)
        Dave Bennett (Work conflicts)
        Dr. Wendy Robinson (Retirement) 
        Fort Wayne Newspapers Corporate Membership: Scott Sanford, John Christensen, Sherry Skufca (Business reasons)
        Dave Lorenz (Furloughed)