Boswell Rotary has a long history of supporting food insecure in our community in a number of ways.  In years past, we distributed food baskets just before Christmas.  The project started with a food drive, and the elementary school also helped support the food drive by collecting various items throughout a designated week before the holidays.  We raised funds throughout the year to purchase extra food for the baskets.  Rotarians would select recipient families, with help of input from the community and the school.   Several Rotarians would go shopping where we would purchase a variety of food items including a ham, milk and bread.   We would sort the food and pack the baskets, then just before Christmas, Rotarians would deliver to families in need around the Boswell area.  In time, the shopping was replaced with a gift card to a local grocery store.

Later, our focus shifted to supporting a local food pantry that Norma Higley ran through a church in Fowler.  This way, families in need of food could get food throughout the year during times of need.  Norma, sadly, passed away several years ago.

The Food Finders Food Bank began the mobile pantry program which we began participating in a few years ago.  Food Finders has made some changes to their program starting next year.  Boswell Rotarians discussed the program changes at a recent meeting, and decided to request one mobile pantry for 2014.  There are 6 mobile pantries targeted for next year.  Missy has completed the request process and requested it in the months of April through August, and will be the primary contact for the Food bank.

Boswell Rotarians are again discussing how we can best support the food insecure in our community in the coming years.  We are planning to have Donna Musenbrock at our next meeting to discuss local efforts and how we may help.

Boswell Rotarians are asked to bring in a can of food for each meeting until the end of the year to support local food drive efforts.