The Rotary Club of Coolidge is accepting applications for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards!
The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive 4-day workshop for youth ages 14 to 17 in grades 9-11. These young adults are chosen for their leadership potential to attend an all-expense paid training program designed to build, strengthen, and exercise leadership skills used in all aspects of business, community, school and life. RYLA includes recreational and cultural activities, which emphasize individual and team development.
What, When, Where and How of RYLA
What:    4-day Youth Leadership Workshop
When:  January 18-21, 2019
Where: Chapel Rock in Prescott, AZ
How:     All expenses paid by Coolidge Rotary Club
Are you interested in building your leadership skills?  If you meet the criteria below please apply to be the Coolidge Rotary Club delegate to RYLA.  All expenses for the leadership workshop are paid by the Coolidge Rotary Club if you are selected as a delegate.
Apply Today!
You are eligible to apply for RYLA if you:
·         Are a high school freshman to junior, 14-17 years of age;
·         Have not attended a RYLA previously;
·         Have demonstrated leadership experience and/or potential as shown by active participation in high school or community groups;
·         Are of high moral character;
·         Are cooperative and willing to participate at RYLA as a member of a group;
·         Are informed of current events;
·         Are in good academic standing (C’s or above);
·         Have a desire for “Making a Difference!”; and
·         Reside in Coolidge or attend Coolidge High School, Coolidge Alternative Program or Imagine Prep.
The Application is available to download in the download section of this web page.