SMH Launches PPE Drive

Hospitals across the province are managing anticipated shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) across the health system, and Stevenson is no different. To support our need for PPE, we are organizing a PPE Drive to encourage businesses and individuals with personal protective equipment, like masks and gloves, to donate them to the Hospital.

We are grateful for the supplies that have already been donated by local individuals and businesses. We are not accepting any hand-made PPE at this time.

The demand for these items is critical, so we appreciate the support from our community.

We are still in need of more, in particular these critical items:
- Masks: Ear-loop ASTMF2100-11, Level 2 rating or higher
- Masks: N95 3M9105, 3M1870+, 3M8110S, 3M8210, NIOSH and CE
- Gowns: AAMI, Level 2 rating or greater
- Hand sanitizer: 70% or higher
- Gloves: Nitrile (all sizes) (must be powder free)

We will be accepting donations of unopened, unexpired PPE. Please note we are a latex-free facility.
If you have items to donate, please call us at (705) 220-0868  or email and include picture of product if possible.

We will validate the product to ensure it meets our needs and arrange for drop-off at our location.

Social distancing practices will be enforced during the drop off. All PPE will be inspected, assessed, cleaned and disinfected (where possible) prior to use.