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The Rotary Club of Alliston is part of an international service organization with over 32,000 clubs in 168 countries around the world with a membership of over 1.2 million. All rotary clubs are guided by an international manual of procedures and have a common goal to promote peace throughout the world.  Rotary clubs, therefore, work both in their local communities and internationally with other Rotary Clubs.
Rotary International has one of the largest Foundations in the world and has been given a four-star rating by Charity Navigator.  This rating is given to a small number of Foundations operating in the world. In Canada an arm of this foundation is Rotary Foundation Canada.
The Rotary Club of Alliston is administered by a Board of Directors elected annually by its membership.  Although the Rotary Club of Alliston will administer many of its own projects, the club is willing to work and/or partner with other organizations.  To this end, other organizations are invited to request funds or other means of help.  This would normally be required to be in writing with a full description of the project directed to the sitting president or committee chair.  All projects require approval of the club and are subject to available funding.
The Rotary Club of Alliston will normally only work in other communities both domestically and internationally through the Rotary Clubs in those communities.
The following guidelines should be considered before writing to the Rotary Club of Alliston or completing a funding application.
  1. Any projects should not be directed to one individual, political party or religious institution;
  2. Project should normally be directed to a new need within the community with no duplication of an existing program or government function;
  3. Projects should be sustainable and provide on-going value to the community;
  4. In the event the an approved project does not take place within a 3-year period, The Rotary Club of Alliston will not advance funds to the organization and the club will withdraw support.
  5. In accepting funding, an organization agrees to acknowledge the Rotary Club of Alliston’s assistance in general publicity and in specific publicity of the project for which funding is given.
Applications can be download by clicking on "File" links on left hand side.