Walk for Community Health
WHAT?             Ten members of The Rotary Club of Alliston will participate in a fund-raising walk in support of community health.
WHEN?             On Wednesday, July 8th, 2020
WHERE?           In and around the Briar Hill Community
WHY?               Of the funds raised, 25% will support Feed Ontario.
                        75% will come to The Rotary Club of Alliston to be used in our community for projects 
                        related to health.
WHO?              Your team members are:
                                    Sue Leach
                                    David Green
                                    Patricia Middlebrook
                                    Roger Hayward
                                    Joan Hayward
                                    George Scott
                                    Don Smith
                                    Eric Jagger
                                    Irene Byrne
                                    Tanya Wall
WHAT IS MY ROLE?       Please feel free to contact any of the team members to pledge.  A minimum of $25 would help us help our community to remain healthy.