Rotary Club of Rivne, Ukraine and Rotary Club of Alliston partnered on a Global Grant project to provide resource material to teach children in Ukraine that are blind and visually impaired.
Story by Joan Hayward and photos by Roger Hayward
Past District Governor Bob Wallace gave us a very good presentation about our international Rotary Foundation last Monday evening.  However, he didn't give some of the details specific to our club.
In the last Rotary year our club was credited for donations to the Annual Fund of about $140,000 US.  A large part of this money came from the estate of the late Rotarian Shirley Ford.  She designated her legacy to the Peace and Conflict Resolution Area of Focus.  We are very grateful for Shirley's consistent interest in and support of the programs of our Foundation.
Our club has led six global grants in the past ten years representing a value of about $271,000 US.  The base funding for these came from members of the teams working in both Tanzania and Ukraine, with added funding from other clubs in our District.  Four of the global grants in Tanzania focused mostly on maternal health in the greater rural region of Kilema on the slopes of Kilimanjaro with a population of about 250,000.  As the projects progressed, the number of mother and child deaths decreased appreciably, approaching the number in the developed world.
The two global grant projects in Ukraine most of you are familiar with, since our partner members in The Rotary Club of Rivne gave us an update on the latest project focused on the training and certification of health personnel in the early diagnosis of autism in children.  This will be followed by implementation of the training to diagnose autism in young children in the Province of Rivne.
The first global grant in Rivne was focused on providing each blind child in Ukraine with equipment to be able to read Braille and on providing training for teachers on how to use the equipment with the children.  The other part of this grant  was focused on creating jobs for the visually impaired in a sewing workshop and in a facility to manufacture toilet paper rolls.
Recording Studio at Rivne Regional Library Ukraine used to create audio books for blind and visually impaired.