Rotary Club of Alliston donates $5000 towards the purchase of a new refrigerated van for the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Alliston.
Left to Right 
Dave Bradbury, Vice President of the Food Bank
Kelly McCague, Rotary
John McFarland, Rotary
George Scott, Rotary
Joan Starr, President of the Food Bank
Patricia Middlebrook, President of Rotary Club of Alliston
Jaime Karsch, Operations Manager of the Food Bank
Janet Humphrey, Secretary of the Food Bank
Photos courtesy of Jaime Karsch and George Scott
The Good Shepherd Food Bank currently relies on a dozen volunteers with private vehicles to pick up and deliver food donations from as far away as Toronto.  To comply with food safety handling regulations for perishable items, the Food Bank has ordered a Ford Transit van and will have installed a refrigeration unit. The Rotary Club of Alliston had a tour of the Good Shepherd Food Bank by Operations Manager Jaime Karsch in March. Rotary members were made aware of the need for a refrigerated van. The donation of $5000 from Rotary was matched by a very generous anonymous donor for a total of $10,000 going towards the purchase of the van. Our Rotary Logo will be proudly displayed on the van.
The van is in Alliston now at Trillium Ford and will shortly be on its way to a contractor for installation of the refrigeration unit. It is hoped that the van will be operational before the end of May. 
For more information about the Good Shepherd Food Bank please click  here