Rotary Club of Alliston is proud to sponsor a school in Bangladesh for mothers. The mothers learn and then in turn teach their children and neighbours children. The Amarok Society is a Canadian charity and they are teaching Parvin (our sponsored Mother) and she is teaching children and helping others in her community. Please read her latest letter below. Visit the Amarok Society  for more information about their schools.
Parvin is on left and she is joined by other mothers in a shared kitchen
March 2023
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dear members of the Rotary Club of Alliston, 
I hope you are well by the grace of Almighty. I am also well with my family members. We are happy that our school is going very well. My learning improvement is going fast. I used to write Journal once a month but now I am doing it every week. Journal writing is an important way to keep the changes of our life, our success, happiness and sadness. Most of my friends are doing well and have developed writing skills. Sometimes we draw pictures and write underneath about the drawing. 
My micro school is running very well too. I do English speaking practice with my micro-school children every day. Now I am teaching “We Shall Overcome and song in my heart”. Through the song I am teaching children about commitment. From the songs, children can understand courage, hope, peace and freedom. It expresses the strength of our students to raise their voice above all the things that act against them making a better future. The children are enjoying their lesson as I teach them with lots of activities and learning materials. When they sing a song aloud, it makes me so happy.
One day I went to the local market to buy some vegetables & groceries. In the market, I found a woman selling vegetables sitting beside the street. I went to her to buy some tomatoes; that time 2 other people were purchasing vegetables from her. I noticed there were problems in measurement, however I did not tell anything in front of the other customers. When they left the stall, I talked to her. In response to my questions she replied, “I am Nasima, I am illiterate as I did not get any opportunity of learning in my childhood. I sell vegetables based on oral calculation and assumption. Sometimes I understand a little later that I’ve given them more and they took it happily and disappeared quickly. But in any case, if my calculation is less, the customer instantly protests and even shouts. This is interesting, if I give more literally customers do not correct me but if it is less than the payment most customers become voiced and angry. It is important to get basic education in life. My parents did not understand it and married me at an early age”. Taking the situation, I shared with her about our Mother’s School and invited her to visit our school. School time was good as she did not open her street shop at that time. She became excited and the next day came to the school following the given location, everybody welcomed her and after a week she was admitted to our Amarok Mother’s School. Now she is a regular mother and her learning progress is very good. In 3 months, Nasima can take notes if any payment is due and can measure weight accurately. She is happy to learn and getting an opportunity for education.
I shared with you in my previous letter; about my hens. I am getting eggs and selling them at a good price mostly from my home. You would be happy to know that 17 chicks have been hatched using local techniques recently from the eggs of my own. So, my husband and neighbor are very happy to me and they always appreciate my work. A few weeks ago, some women came to me to know how to start a small farm at home at a low cost. I encouraged them and shared the benefit of the work, how to create a little farm at home in cages. A few of them have already worked on my suggestions. I also shared with them to use any free space left at the corners of our slum for cultivating vegetables. 
Parvin in her garden
 In my gardens some leafy vegetables are available and in the coming winter seeds like-radish, red-leaf, and spinach and bottle gourd seeds will be sown in my garden. I always share my vegetables with my neighbors and relatives.
Thank you for giving us the learning opportunities that help us to think more.