Introducing Parvin, a mother who the Rotary Club of Alliston is sponsoring through their donation to the Amarok Society to attend School and to teach 5 children in her neighbourhood in Bangladesh.
Introduction of Parvin
April 2021
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dear members of the The Rotary Club of Alliston,
I am Parvin, 28 years old. I'm a housewife but I am good at hand sewing on clothes and able to make beautiful design with my needles on covers. I have two sons and one daughter. My husband Fazlur Rahman is 40 years old. He is a carpenter, makes new furniture reshaping the old furniture. We live in a joint family with my husband, children and in-laws. My husband income is about 12,000 taka ($200) per month but not regular. Sometimes he has no work and seats idle. So, we have to suffer those days for our food and other needs. I have cleaned a space of unused land of our slum to plant some vegetables there. I spent my free time to take care of the little vegetable-garden. When I get vegetables, I eat some and share with my neighbors.
I never went to school in my childhood, so I was completely illiterate before I joined in Amarok Mother School. My father was a farmer. He used to live in a remote village of Kishoreganj district and we lived there nearby a river. Due to seasonal flood, often our houses, crops and lands were washed away in the monsoon. So, my father had to borrow money in interest to run our family. In such situation, finding no way out, we all moved to Dhaka 10 years ago and started living in Nurerchala slum of Dhaka.
When I was 15, I was married off as my parents wanted to reduce the food cost of the family. During marriage I thought my marriage will give me some freedom but it did not happen. I had to face many problems. I didn't understand how to manage a joint family, how to take care of babies, could not feed them properly being an early mother. My mother-in-law used to act badly with me when I made a mistake including some physical punishment. I had no freedom to talk and to provide my opinions. I did all household works without any appreciation.
One day I heard from my neighbor Nazma about Amarok Mother School for the illiterate women to learn and to teach little children. I went there with a woman, met the teacher and expressed my interest in learning and teaching children. Since then, I have been learning a lot from my school. Now I am able to read and write Bengali and English independently and I have started to teach 5 children at my home including my own children. They children I teach are;
Age (years)
Other learning support of my children
My own son
My own son
My own daughter
Also attends in Madrasa for religious learning
Also attends in a non-government school
After joining in Amarok Mother School, I can see changes in my life. Still my learning is not as good as many other mothers who are there for a longer time. With my basic learning I have got many health and social awareness sessions from my school which I practice in my family and share in the community who do not attend in our school. Last month I got a session about COVID-19 and it was very helpful for me and for the community people. I want to educate my children that they could find a better life in their future.
I would like to continue my education and teaching to children.
With love,
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