Celebrating our successes with our Rotary friends in Rivne, Ukraine
The Rotary Club of Alliston has been a project partner with the Rotary Club of Rivne, Ukraine for over 10 years. We started with small pilot projects that upgraded playground and rehabilitation equipment at orphanages and hospitals.  Over the last 5 years The Rotary Club of Rivne has worked very hard upgrading the facilities, programs and professional qualifications in the health care sector (visually impaired community and youth on the autism spectrum) through Rotary Global Grants.  Members of our club have visited Rivne and been the guests of the community 3 times prior to the COVID pandemic.  These Rotarians in Rivne are our friends.
When Russia invaded Ukraine we asked “How can we help?” They responded that funds were needed to purchase goods for humanitarian relief.  Rivne is situated midway between Kyiv, the capital city, and Lviv near the Polish border.  Rivne is on the route that people are using to flee the country.   The $15,000 provided to the Rotary Club of Rivne will purchase food, water, medicines and assist with transportation needs for the people of Rivne and to others fleeing the conflict. 
We know our friends and fellow Rotarians will make sure the money gets to where it is most needed in the community.
Some images of Ukraine as we experienced it prior to the war. (2017-2019)
Flying over Ukraine you quickly see the importance of agriculture.
A busy September morning in downtown Rivne.
Children enjoying upgraded playground equipment.