Felix Kaechele

Welcome Felix Kaechele to the Rotary Club of Alliston.  Felix was born and raised in Leverkusen, Germany and moved to Canada in 2019 from California.
Felix is 32 years old and married to Sarah. Sarah and Felix and their dog Lotta (she's a Bodeguero, rescued from Spain) enjoy living in Alliston.
Sarah was voted Best Dog Trainer and Best New Business in the Alliston Herald's Reader's Choice this year. Congratulations Sarah! The editor suggests Sarah would be a great future guest speaker.

Felix works for Cisco as a Software Engineering Technical Leader in Emerging Technologies & Incubation. His areas of interest are technology and citizen empowerment to use technology for good.

Felix enjoys Real Crime Podcast Shows, Karaoke and Dad Jokes :)
Felix Kaechele was inducted officially into the club on November 22, 2021.