Parvin with the children in her micro school in Bangladesh
The Rotary Club of Alliston is proud to support the work of the Amarok Society. We sponsor Parvin, a young mother to go to school. Parvin attends an Amarok Society school for mothers and in turn she teaches her own children as well as other children in the neighbourhood. Please see her letter of March 2022 below describing her experiences.
Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Dear members of the Rotary Club of Alliston,

It’s always my pleasure to write to you. Please take my love and regards. My life is going well with my Amarok friends and neighbors. You would be happy to hear that, we write Journals in school. Our teacher has given us a separate notebook to practice writing journals capturing the change of our lives including main events of our daily life. I write short paragraph but wish to write long in the future. We are so happy that all schools in Bangladesh are opened now. The children are happy to go to school regularly. However, the children we teach at our Micro School did not stop their learning we continued our little school except the days of extreme Covid-19 infection. I am happy to teach them. 
The children I teach are enjoying my lessons although one of my neighbors had permanently shifted house to the village where she lived before. Shuly a girl of that family used to study in my micro-school and was a very good student and attentive. She left Dhaka but I’ve requested her family to continue educating of Shuly and they have committed to me from their realization of importance of learning for Shuly. Her parents said, “We will continue her studies as now we understand the value of education especially for the girls”. I am so glad to hear it from them. I have replaced her with a boy child name Bijoy about 10 years old. They are very poor, used to live in a village. Few months ago, his father became paralyzed slowly so their family struggled to manage food and other needs. Finally, her mother moved to Dhaka to find a job. In Dhaka, his mother joined in a garment factory as a helper. He didn't get opportunity for learning in his childhood. Now, he is happy to get the opportunity. The other children of my Micro School are so happy to get him. They do a lot of fun playing together. I am happy to teach them.
You know I have a small vegetable garden. I have planted different types of vegetables in my garden like cucumber, eggplant, Tomato, Chili and many kinds of flowers. All the plants are just growing up and will be visual in a few weeks. My son Rahat helps me for my work. I am so proud of my son. 
I will write more about it in the next letter.
Thanks to you and Amarok Society for supporting us. 
With love,
Parvin at School in Dhaka, Bangladesh
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