Our Amarok Society Mother Parvin sends news from Bagladesh.

October 2023


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dear members of the Rotary Club of Alliston,

 I am happy to write to you about my happiness, family and other things. Hope all the members of the club are well. I am also well with my daily work and activities. My learning is going very well.  I attend my school regularly and enjoy learning. Once a week our teacher discusses with us current affairs and we can learn many interesting facts from the discussion. Learning from the school, I discuss the news with my neighbors, friends and others. They always become curious to know about it and are amazed to be updated by me. They respect me because of my knowledge. I also give them updated information especially awareness on health issues, weather, political issues and such. Now I am proud of myself because others benefited from me. You know I have a small vegetable garden. I have thrown different types of vegetable seeds during this monsoon. I am able to earn money by selling some vegetables in my small garden to meet my family needs. 

Currently, most of the people are getting sick due to the dengue virus in our country. Men, women, children of all ages are mostly affected by dengue, especially little children and the elderly people are the most victims. So, people are worried and frightened. Other hand, some children are affected by different diseases like cough and fever, diarrhea, jaundice and such. As an effect, we discussed the issue with our teacher. Afterwards, she immediately encouraged us to arrange small group discussions in the slums so that people understand about the virus and follow the health rules to be resistant and give them courage not to be worried and panicking. 

Our group discussion covered the following topics:

•      What is dengue? Where do mosquitoes originate?

•      Dengue symptoms and treatment.

•      What should be done if the blood platelets decrease? How to give first aid at home? 

•      What are the measures to be taken and food should be eaten. 

 Today I want to share with you a different story that made me sad, Mamata is my new friend, she was illiterate. She didn’t know how to count accurately and could not manage her family account. As a result, she was often cheated by others and could not support her family with their little income. The family fell into debt. One day, she went to a local shop to buy some salt, soap and potatoes. After that, the shopkeeper kept more money from her because he knew that Mamata was illiterate. She came back with the change she received from the shopkeeper. In the evening, after coming back home her husband asked for the rest of the amount and became angry getting back less. He blamed her for stealing or hiding his money. She told him that she received it from the shopkeeper after the purchase but her husband did not believe her! That day, she cried a lot silently. She became sad that her husband did not trust her and she understood that the shopkeeper cheated with her and decided to learn counting and reading. Nowadays Mamata comes to my house every evening and I teach her. She wants to enroll in our Mothers’ School but she has no time in the afternoon as she works as a housemaid and school time does not match with her. I am looking for her a job, an opportunity that she can be free in the afternoon to join with us. I am hopeful that I can do that. Mamota is also trying hard to convince her landlady to change the work schedule. Mothers of our school always look for them who are interested in learning and encourage them to join with us.  

The children I am teaching are doing well and enjoy their learning. I discuss current affairs with them and they like it. They are very interested in learning new things. A few days ago, there was a light earthquake in our city. I didn’t feel it but read it in the newspaper and saw in news bulletins. The next day, when they came to my class, they also asked me a lot of queries about earthquakes like what is an earthquake? Why do earthquakes occur? I explained what I know and now I am trying to know more about the earthquake so that I can provide them more information. This is good, sometimes questions lead us for learning.  

Thank you for your support of my learning.

Love and regards,