For the past four years The Rotary Club of Alliston and The Rotary Club of Rivne, Ukraine have been in partnership to make a difference in the community of Rivne and beyond.  The Ukrainian Rotarians have developed and implemented a project worth $90,000 Canadian.  This has been made possible through funding from Alliston and District Rotarians, The Rotary Foundation, and the Government of Canada.
As a group, handicapped children and adults in Ukraine have been neglected and many spend their lives in orphanages and hostels poorly funded by the Ukrainian government.  The fourth highest cause of death in Ukraine is being handicapped.  To address this issue Rotarians between our two countries have just finished a large project focused on the blind and visually-impaired.   
First, the project has focused on providing educational aids and training for educators so that children between two and ten years of age across the region can be taught Braille using newly-developed resources which will allow these children to enter an integrated school system similar to what we are used to in Canada.  A new sound studio, where CDs are produced, and a new library that will distribute these have also been funded.  
Second, the project, for visually-impaired adults ages 20 plus, creates jobs.  Workers in the textile area have been trained on new sewing and embroidery machines, making uniforms for workers employed in industry. 
Other newly-created jobs involve the making of toilet paper which is cut, packaged, and sold for profit. 
Alliston Rotarians are committed to the Rivne area of Ukraine primarily because of the commitment to help their fellow citizens.  Ukraine is the poorest European country and Rivne is a former large manufacturing centre that is struggling to revive a strong economy.  Rivne Rotarians are a dedicated group of professionals and industrialists who are trying to help their community.  Alliston Rotarians are proud to be in partnership with them.