Day 4 - Building the Rotary Family in Ukraine


The Rotary Club of Rivne is very committed to the growth of Rotary in Ukraine. Today we visited the town of Ostroh with Rotarians Olha and Eugene to talk with young people about Rotary and Rotoract.

Ostroh has a population of about 12,000 people and is situated 50km south of Rivne.  This is a university town centre around the National University Ostroh Academy.  The academy is one of the oldest tertiary learning centres in Eastern Europe having opened its doors in 1576. In it early years it was centre for language and publishing being source of the Ostroh bible.  This 1256 page book was the first complete bible printed in Cyrillic type. The original academy closed in 1636 but was reopened as a university in 1994.

We toured the campus learning about its history and famous people and the after lunch met with faculty and students to talk about Rotary and Rotoract.  Nine young people had many questions about the Rotary movement and how it functions.  The Rivne Rotarians and Rotoractors hope to establish a Rotoractor club on the campus in the near future.

We have had another great visit to Rivne.  The Rotary family here is dedicated to making their community a better place.  We greatly enjoyed the fellowship and their hospitality.  Tomorrow we say our goodbyes and drive back to Lviv for our flights home on Sunday.